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LILONG ENERGY SHAREHOLDINGS CO., LTD. is a high-tech. enterprise, with a high technology group of staffs who ever work on Li-ion battery line more than 10 years in hardware, software R&D. we keep an eye closed on the new technology and the newest application of Li-ion battery.

We have made long and stable cooperation with TI, SII, RICOH, AXIM, MITSUMI, O2MICRO, SANYO, SAMSUNG, PANISONIC, LG, SONY, MOLICEL , etc. which is famous IC chip and battery cell company, and we always catch up with their new technology and use it in our new products.

We can customize the products according to client’s requirements, which like you tell us your battery application, specifications, working current, temperature, battery communication way, special protection, charge management, the requirements of integrated circuit, etc. We can do OEM/ODM service, and supply customers with the professional integrated solutions of green energy applcations.

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