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President‘s Speech:

     After more than 4 years of rapid development, LIPOWER gains the glorious achievements. The company is well-established on the base of talent strategy. The sound and sustained development is the goal of LIPOWER forever.

Business culture is the spring of developing force, and the soil for the success of the enterprise

    The culture is a great spirit and immateriality property of LIPOWER. Through the sustaining, convective business spirit and value of enterprise to make LIPOWER has a strong centripetal force and cohesiveness. The LIPOWER person convinces: Only to put modern culture into enterprise, to fashion enterprise‘s image, to brighten the enterprise spirit, then the LIPOWER has its 21 century‘s developing culture.
The new century‘s first light of morning is starting in dark, the LIPOWER persons with great passion are going ahead. The LIPOWER will bring about the new sections and chapters in the field of battery and green&clean energy with their self-intelligence

New Expectation:

    LIPOWER devote to providing green energy source to society by using advanced technology, providing excellent products and distinctive service for more and more consumers.With our talent and promising product strategy,  LIPOWER is growing with bright future. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends in all around the world and domestic to create a bright 21 Century.

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