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Name:12V20AHGolf Trolley LiFePo4 Battery LFP Li-ion Battery Manufactuerer
Product Features:
Product Name:12V20Ah Golf Trolley Li-ion battery  Li-ion Battery Pack Manufacturer
Cell Model: LFP26650 3.2V 3200mAh
Hotline:+86-135 3076 5205
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Battery Simple Parameters:

Features of Lipower Golf Trolley Battery (LiFePo4):
1. 2 hours quick charge, 5 hours standard charge;
2.Continuous working 1.5hours under full charge
3. Light weight Small size(1/4 of the weight and 1/3 the size of a traditional lead acid battery)
4. Cycle life be up to 2000 cycles, environment friendly
5. High safety, No fire, Low self-discharge, No memory effect.
6.Holes on a full charge: Min 22 - Max 40 - depends on size and weight of equipment, golf course terrain, operator practices etc. We recommend recharging after every 18 holes.
 Battery Charger:
1. We can offer the battery charger for golf trolley battery pack,
2. we can according to customer requirements to choose the difference input voltage (AC 110V-240V) and plug.Output voltage 14.6v2A~5A,output plug is DC plug or  Anderson plug or others.
 LiFePO4 Batery for Golf Trolley Advantage:
We can offer the 12v--20Ah/24Ah,  24v--10Ah/12Ah battery with case, bag and charger.
a. The Golf trolley battery is less than 1/4 of the weight and 1/3 the size of a traditional lead acid battery and it will fit any powered golf cart battery tray/holder.
b. The  battery is supplied as a complete kit - 20AH (up to 27 hole) Lithium battery, specialist superfast 5 amp charger, battery bag and charger and cable with Anderson plug or other plug.
c. Depending on the terrain that you play, this  battery kit will power your golf trolleys for well in excess of 18/36 holes and deliver 2,000 rounds of golf trolleys during its life.
d. LiFePO4 batteries make more battery charge available than lead-acid batteries. A standard lead-acid battery can only be discharged down to 40% of its capacity, whereas a lithium battery makes 90% of the charge available.
e. 2 years warrantyhave UN38.3,offer OEM/ODM service, portable and safety.
Why buy LIPOWER LiFePO4 Battery?
1. Built-in Battery Management System(BMS).
All LIPOWER LiFePO4 battery have a built-in Electronic Battery Management System(BMS), the BMS monitor each individual cell ensuring that  the battery can not be over-discharged or over charge or short-circuit or overload.
2. Longer Battery Life
LIPOWER LiFePO4 battery have a nominal life of 2000cycles (charges/discharges) compared with a standard lead-acid battery, which is rated for up to 200cycles. This means that LIPOWER battery will complete 10x more rounds of golf. 
3. More Usable Power
Over 90% of the charge in a LIPOWER LiFePO4 battery is available to power your trolley. This means more usable power from a LIPOWER LiFePO4 battery, making it much more efficient in powering your trolley.
4. 75% Lighter
This Golf trolley battery is less than 1/4 of the weight and 1/3 the size of a traditional lead acid battery and it will fit any powered golf cart battery tray/holder. The LIPOWER LiFePO4 battery weights only 2.95kg, light enough to pick up with two fingers! A lead acid battery is over 4 heavier at 12kg, this means that a LIPOWER  lithium battery is much easier to handle and puts less strain on you and your trolley.
5. Shorter charge time
All LIPOWER LiFePO4 batteries use specially designed, electronically controlled chargers which will charge LIPOWER battey in less 5 hours, A lead-acid battery requires over 10 hours charging to reach its maximum capacity. This means Less charging delay between rounds of golf.
6. Fits Virtually any Electric Trolley
The LIPOWER battery has a built-in Anderson/XLF connector along with an adaptor to fit most other popular trolleys using the standard Anderson connector.
* First-class Workshops and Equipments.
Service provided By Us:
•  Quick response to clients‘ enquiries whithin 24hrs
•  Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our clients by our experienced and  professional engineers and researchers team.
•  Solve the problems be prompt if anything wrong with our products‘ quality
LIPOWER core values: Technology / Innovation / Environmental protection and healthy. 
We also offer the 48v--60Ah / 80Ah/ 100Ah /120Ah battery pack for the golf cart.
Your sucess is our business!  Special service for special you!!!
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