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Name:36V10400mAh Water Bottle Style Li-ion Battery Pack Li-ion Battery Pack Manufacturer
Product Features:
Product name:36V 10400mAh  Water bottle Li-ion Battery for e-Bike
Cell ModelSamsung 18650 3.6V 2600mAh
Volts/Capacity:36V 10400mAh
Hotline:+86-135 3076 5205
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Product name:36V 10400mAh  Luggage Carrier Li-ion Battery for e-Bike
Cell Material:Li-Ni-Co-Mn-O (Optional) 
Cell Model:Samsung  18650   3.7V  2600mAh
Configuration:18650 10S4P
Volts/Capacity: 36V 10400mAh
Main Protection FunctionOCP, ODP, OCP, SCP, Even charging Protection
Application: e-Bike, e-Scooter, e-Aid bike, e-Chair, Golf car and other small EVs.

Main Advantages:
Than battery can be fixed very easily.
The battery have long cycle life and is very light, acoording to the low carbon and energy-saving and is very green.
With the BMS/PCM adopting Japan or America advanced technology chips , which has multi-protection functions
The material for the cells can be chosen is LiMn2O4, Li-Ni-Co-Mn-O ,LiFePO4.
All the cells is imported from Japan or Korea Brand companies like SANYO, SONY, PANISONIC , SAMSUNG and LG,to promise the consistency, stability and safety.
Can be asseblied in multi series and paralle. Battery Module can be designed into: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V series.
Models:12V —4A h/6Ah/8A h/9Ah/11Ah/12A h/13Ah/14Ah/15A h/16Ah/20Ah............
Models:24V—4.4A h/6.6Ah/8A h/11Ah/15.4Ah/22Ah/25Ah/33Ah.......
Models:36V—4.4A h/6.6Ah/8.8A h/11Ah/22Ah/33Ah.......
Models:48V—4.4A h/6.6Ah/8.8A h/9Ah/11Ah/20Ah/30AH........
Can do OEM/ODM orders.

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