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Name:Cylindrical LFP battery(3.2V)
Category:CELL LIST
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LIPOWER 3.2V LFP Cylindrical Li-ion Battery List:
                                                                                               Prepared By Technology Dept. 2009.08.30
Model  Dimension of Bare cell          Norminal 
Diameter ×Height (mm)
 LFP18650S φ18.2±0.2×65.0±0.5 3.2V 1400 ≤60 46±3.0 mass production
 LFP18650C φ18.2±0.2×65.0±0.5 3.2V 1500 ≤60 46±3.0 mass production
ICR26650CH φ26.3±0.2×65.2±0.3 3.2V 3000 ≤30 85±3.0 mass production
ICR26650CH φ26.3±0.2×65.2±0.3 3.2V 3200 ≤30 100±3.0 mass production

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