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 Business Philosophy:

     In recent years, electronic information industry booming and growing rapidly, especially the 3C (electronics, information, communications), the times, may bring products toward the more obvious trend, and portable electronic products indispensable-batteries, will play the main kinetic energy of these products. In this context, the various types of battery consumption continues to increase, for resource consumption and Earth environmental pollution also increases. Discarded batteries if not to be prepared to handle the work, the battery of heavy metals will contaminate the entire natural environment, causing many for. High energy, long life, small size, non-polluting rechargeable batteries (rechargeable battery) was launched as a result, countries are also classified in such products as environmentally compliant standard order. LIPOWER choose rechargeable lithium-ion battery to the company‘s main product development for environmental protection on a win-win situation.                                                                            


 The operation ideal is a important consisted part of LIPOWER, and a philosophic, practicability guide thinking which was accumulated in developing course of LIPOWER, it contains a endless force for tomorrow development of LIPOWER-persons.   

Enterprise Strategy:

Seeking quality, Exceeding uncommon, and Standing on China, Working to the world.

Enterprise Management:

Rationalization system, Scientific method, Specialization personnel, Modernization means, Leading thoughts.

Talent Ideal:

Respecting person‘s value, Digging person‘s potential ability, Modeling talent with LIPOWER characteristic.

Quality Ideal:

Quality first, come up to even exceed customer’s requirements and expectation.

Service after Sales:

Meeting yours satisfaction, getting our promotion of development.

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