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Product Features:
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* Features:

1.The lightest and thinnest product with the highest capacity compare with the same smallest size of energy storage battery.
2.Provide AC/DC models output to facilitate the power for different portable electric products.
3.High charging conversion efficiency up to: 92%
4.Used both as Portable power and on-line UPS battery
5.4 USB 5V5A , 4 DC 24V5A output, 2 AC output
5.Battery cells: Samsung 18650 cells(high rated)
6.Solar charging input
7.Leading circuit design beside imported chips with Advanced SMT technology and the computer-monitoring management, can make sure the steady and stable of the products.
8.Applications: Supply portable power for Mobile phone, Satellite phone, digital camera, mobile hard disk, Camera, Tablet PC, Notebook PC, desk PC, LED lamp, Auto-starter, Outdoor Lighting,Water pump, Emergency medical equipment, Refrigerators, TV sets, Coffee Machines, Traveling equipment, Emergency first-aid outside, Science exploration, disaster relief power, military aids, Inside medical equipment, small printer, etc.

* Product Parameters:


* Stand-by Time( Only for conference):


* Dos & Donts

t charge, use and store battery near a heat source such as fire heater! If the battery
  leaks or releases strange odor, pleas remove it from place near fire place immediately.
  Fully charge the battery before first-time using.

2.The battery pack and charger should be stored in clean, dry and ventilated place, avoid
  contacting with corrosive materials and be away from fire and heat.

3.Dont immerse battery in water or allow it to get wet!

4.Dont reverse the positive and negative pole of battery!

5.Dont throw the battery into fire or heat it!

6.Dont short-circuit battery with wire or other metal objects!

7.Dont nail, knock or trample the battery!

8.When the battery to be long-term stored, charge the battery to about 60%SOC, store in dry 
  an ventilated place, charge 1h for every 3 months with matched charger.

9.When take the product outside for using, please turn-off all the switch on the products
  to avoid the self-consuming of the power.

10.Please stop using the product when find the product smoking to avoid the danger.

 Any more questions ,please send email or call us for the answer. Thanks!
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